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SIRP Root Partition Resize
SIRP Root Partition Resize
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SIRP root partition resize requires user to execute commands having sudo rights first.

As of now /dev/sda1 has 26G size. Whereas used space depends on the usage, so we have to increase it as per the steps below:

Run command cfdisk as sudo user.

There are two more partitions /dev/sda2 and /dev/sda5 that can be seen in cfdisk utility.

  • Delete /dev/sda2 and /dev/sda5 and then resize /dev/sda1 to 100G

  • Then write the partition table to the disk

Once, partition table is written successfully, you'll see the message The partition table has been altered.

  • Quit the cfdisk utility.

  • Then reboot the machine.

Once machine gets rebooted. Run command resize2fs /dev/sda1 as sudo user.

You'll get the message that the filesystem on /dev/sda1 is now 26214144 (4k) blocks long. Which is the confirmation message that size of /dev/sda1 is increased.

Now run df -h to see new size.

/dev/sda1 is successfully increased to 99G.

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