About Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA)

Cisco Adaptive Security Virtual Appliance (ASA) is a virtualized network security solution, which delivers proven security functionality within virtual data centers. With ASA’s integration into SIRP, organizations can support both their traditional and next-generation software-defined networks (SDN), as well as Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) environments.

SIRP’s integration with Cisco ASA ensures the network's performance with advanced ASA VPN capabilities to safeguard multi-tenant architectures. Also provides a single console for network control and security management. And is a scalable resource to meet operational model needs.

SIRP’s integration with Cisco ASA allows security teams to execute response actions right from SIRP. Including the ability to leverage ASA’s block and unblock IP actions within SIRP.

Supported Actions

SIRP’s Cisco ASA Firewall integration app allows you to execute the following actions:





Block as Source IP

Block source IP address as rule in the ASA firewall.


Block as Destination IP

Block destination IP address as rule in the ASA firewall.

Enable and Configure Cisco ASA

This app requires configuration in the following format:

ip=<IP address of Cisco ASA>

username=<username of a Cisco ASA user>

password=<your password>

Enable the REST API Agent

Login to ASA and run the following commands:

  • rest-api image

  • rest-api agent

Note: See the “REST API agent in ASA” section in the below document for instructions about how to enable the REST API for your ASA.

SIRP Configuration

Login to the SIRP portal by using the user credentials. Next, perform the SIRP configuration with Cisco ASA by following the below-mentioned steps:

  1. First, log in to SIRP, then go to Apps from the left navigation bar.

  2. Locate the app named Cisco ASA Firewall.

  3. Enable the Cisco ASA Firewall app by clicking on the toggle button under the Status Column.

  1. Once you enable the App, click the configure option to integrate SIRP with Cisco ASA Firewall.

  2. Add the following details and click Save:

    1. Host: <IP Address of the Local Cisco ASA Firewall Instance>

    2. Username: <Account ID from Cisco ASA Firewall Instance>

    3. Password: <Assigned by the User>

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