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ThreatQuotient Integration
ThreatQuotient Integration
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About ThreatQuotient

ThreatQuotient is a data-driven security operations platform that helps teams prioritize, automate & collaborate on security incidents; by enabling more focused decision-making; & maximizing limited resources by integrating existing processes & technologies into a unified workspace.

SIRP’s integration with Threat Quotient improves security operations by fusing together data sources, tools & teams to accelerate threat detection & response.

Supported Actions


Push IP

Create an IP indicator on ThreatQ


Push Domain

Create a Domain indicator on ThreatQ


Push URL

Create a URL indicator on ThreatQ


Push Hash

Create a Hash indicator on ThreatQ


Get IP Reputation

Checks IP reputation from ThreatQ


Get Domain Reputation

Check Domain reputation from ThreatQ


Get URL Reputation

Check URL reputation from ThreatQ


Get Hash Reputation

Check Hash reputation from Threat Q

Enable ThreatQ integration with SIRP

Copy ThreatQ API Credentials

To find API credentials, you need to first access ThreaQ's dashboard

  1. Log into ThreatQ

  2. Navigate to My Account in the upper left corner

  3. Copy API Credentials - Client ID

Enable and Configure ThreatQ app in SIRP

  1. First, log in to SIRP, then go to Apps from the left navigation bar

  2. Locate the app named ThreatQ

  3. Enable the app by clicking on the toggle button under the Status Column

Once you enable the App, click the configure option to integrate SIRP with ThreatQ.

Add the following details and click Save:

  1. URL: <ThreatQ instance URL>

  2. Username: <ThreatQ Username>

  3. Password: <ThreatQ Password>

  4. Client-ID <Copied Client-ID from the above steps

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